23 Jun 2015

The ACT has exceeded the national growth rate of available hospital beds by 2.5 per cent in the past 4 years.

23 Jun 2015

Leading the way on proactive workforce reform within the Health system, an independent review into the training culture for doctors in specialist training programs at Canberra Hospital.

19 Jun 2015

The ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group has been thanked for a $20,000 donation that will benefit patients in the oncology unit at Canberra Hospital.

19 Jun 2015

Construction has officially begun on the Canberra region’s first purpose-designed accommodation facility for people undergoing treatment for blood cancers.

13 Mar

Coeliac Awareness Week

Coeliac disease remains one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in Australia. Public recognition of coeliac disease and the potential reactions to gluten (often self-diagnosed!) have never been higher, yet awareness of the condition among medical professionals continues to be low.

04 Feb

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4th February, under a single theme to highlight the ongoing fight against cancer.

04 May 2015

A free vaccination against Pertussis (whooping cough) is now available to all pregnant women during their third trimester.

10 April 2015

ACT Health ACT Acting Chief Health Officer Dr Andrew Pengilley this morning said the first Ebola test conducted on a female patient at Canberra Hospital has returned a negative result.

08 October 2014

Acting ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Andrew Pengilley has alerted Canberrans to be aware of measles symptoms after a case was notified to ACT Health on Friday 22 August 2014.

08 October 2014

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