ACT Health is smoke free

ACT Health is committed to providing a smoke free environment for our staff, healthcare consumers and visitors, to protect them from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

Smoking is not allowed at any ACT Health facility.

Visitors to all ACT Health facilities, including the Canberra Hospital, are reminded that they are smoke free environments, to protect the health of all those who use the facilities, including babies and children, from the harmful effects of second hand smoke.

Cnberra Hospital Smoke Free Map

Interested in stopping smoking?

Over the last fifty years, more than 700,000 Australians are estimated to have died prematurely due to tobacco use. Smoking is known to cause many diseases both to smokers and non-smokers.

You'll start to notice many benefits when you stop smoking. For a start, your body will begin to recover from the harmful effects caused by smoking. Your recovery from a hospital admission will be improved. Other benefits include improved fitness, having the extra money you would normally spend on cigarettes, and having improved sense of taste and smell.

Support and practical help is available if you wish to quit smoking.

Please support us in creating a smoke free environment, which is better for everyone's health.

Further information

Call 13 QUIT for information on quitting.

Quitline logo call 137848