Opportunities to engage

As we develop and finalise the Specialty Service Plans and Models of Care we will be engaging with the health and community sector in a range of ways, noting that certain areas of the clinical and community development work will be more relevant to particular groups than others. As part of this, we will also be drawing on expert advice from clinicians, health personnel and relevant health care consumers, incorporating established best practice and advancements in medical technologies and innovation that are achievable within our budget.

ACT Health has been putting together the data and information to support the development of Specialty Service Plans and Models of Care, and initial consultations on some plans have already commenced.

A Territory-wide Health Services Advisory Group has been established to provide guidance on development of the Framework, including appropriate consultation with community stakeholders.

To register your interest in receiving communications about opportunities to engage, please contact HealthServicesPlanning@act.gov.au

Together, we will deliver a fully integrated, Territory-wide health system that is person and family-centred, safe and effective, and adaptable to the community’s changing needs.