What is the Territory-wide Health Services Framework 2017 – 2027?

The Framework is a high-level strategic plan that establishes the overarching principles to guide the development and redesign of health care services across the Territory over the next decade. The Framework is focussed on integrating our services across the three areas of health care – preventative health, community-based care and care in hospital – and will guide the establishment of clinical Centres to provide patients with integrated health care.

Territory-wide health services framework diagram

The Centres, which will be Territory-wide, will ensure specialty services are integrated across the continuum of care (prevention in the community, care in the hospital and then management of care back in the community) to make it easier for patients to navigate the services they need.

They will enable specialty care to be delivered in a coordinated way across health facilities in the ACT, by facilitating collaboration between related specialties across public and private sectors and community-based services.

Centres support the patient across the continuum of care

Centres support diagram

The Centres will be supported by an overall Centre Service Plan, individualised Specialty Service Plans and appropriate Models of Care. These individual Specialty Service Plans will be developed in consultation with medical, nursing and allied health staff with input from external and internal stakeholders. They will describe how the service will be delivered across the Territory and be evidence-based.

As the demands and complexity for delivering health care continue to grow and change it is important that we develop new, and continue to strengthen, partnerships with the higher education sector, private health service providers and non-government and community based organisations to ensure we meet the needs of patients in the community.

The Framework is a key aspect of ACT Health’s ongoing commitment to making “Your Health - Our Priority” for all Canberrans and is in line with ACT Health’s vision, values, strategic goals and objectives.


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A copy of the draft Territory-wide Health Services Framework 2017-2027 can be found here.