ACT Health Promotion Grants Program

The ACT Health Promotion Grants Program (ACTHPGP) contributes to improving health outcomes and minimising the risk of developing chronic disease in the ACT population.
We provide grants through Healthy Canberra Grants and the Health Promotion Innovation Fund to community-based organisations. This enables these organisations to provide programs and projects which improve population health outcomes in our primary focus areas.

Our focus

The ACT Health Promotion Grants Program has a population health focus. The main priority is prevention of overweight and obesity by:

  • Supporting improved healthy food and drink choices for the ACT population and improved eating habits. These include programs that support positive changes in the food environment, including encouraging people to choose tap water as the drink of choice.
  • Helping to improve physical activity outcomes at a population level.

Other priority areas include:

  • Smoking prevention, cessation or reduction
  • Supporting activities which reduce the harmful and hazardous consumption of alcohol
  • Supporting healthy active ageing through appropriate physical activity opportunities


Supporting innovative activities that enable ACT residents to live a healthy, active life

The Health Promotion Innovation Fund invites applications for grants of up to $15,000 for innovative health promotion projects to support the ACT Government’s goal of achieving a healthier weight profile in the ACT population. It has a particular focus on achieving this outcome in children. This includes improving eating habits and increasing physical activity.

In addition, projects which support smoking prevention, reduction in hazardous alcohol consumption and healthy active ageing will be considered.

The Health Promotion Innovation Fund provides three funding opportunities per year. The next cut-off date for applications is Monday 20 October 2014. Community-based groups, school communities, not-for-profit organisations and ACT Government agencies are welcome to apply.

To access the Funding Guidelines and the Application Form for the Health Promotion Innovation Fund click here.

For more information call us on 6205 1325 or email

Statement of Strategic Intent

Our Statement of Strategic Intent outlines the targets and expected outcomes of the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program. The statement also describes how we will align with ACT Health policies and objectives and provides important guidance for potential applicants. You can download the Statement of Strategic Intent below.

Download: Statement of Strategic Intent (PDF File - 524k)

SmartyGrants - Online Grant Management System

The ACT Health Promotion Grants Program uses the SmartyGrants online grant management system to manage the grant process. Applications and associated reporting forms are available through the following link:

The SmartyGrants Help Guide for Applicants will guide you through the application process. Click here to access it.

Outcome of 2013 Community Consultation: Changes to the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program

In early 2013 the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program conducted a community consultation to discuss proposed changes to the program. As a result of this process, Chief Minister and Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher MLA announced changes to the program on 5 July 2013.

A summary of the changes is as follows:

1. A new ‘Healthy Canberra Grants’ funding round, open once a year and accounting for ninety per cent of the available annual grants budget. This will replace the previous ACTHPGP structure of four separate grant and sponsorship rounds.

2. Priority for funding for ‘Healthy Canberra Grants’ will be focused towards programs that will help to improve outcomes across the population around overweight and obesity and activities that will help to improve children's health, including improving eating habits and increased physical activity. Other priorities include activities which support smoking cessation and responsible consumption of alcohol.

3. ‘Healthy Canberra Grants’ will also provide opportunities for physical activity related activities which support healthy active ageing. This approach takes into account community feedback and evidence that improving physical activity outcomes assists the prevention of falls in the elderly and will replace the previous ‘Stay On Your Feet® Falls Prevention Funding Round’.

4. Multi-year funding arrangements of up to three years will become the preferred norm for ‘Healthy Canberra Grants’, rather than the exception.

5. A new ‘Health Promotion Innovation Fund’ will be introduced accounting for ten per cent of the available grants budget. This fund will offer smaller value grant funding opportunities several times per year for innovative projects that seek to test new ways of working and new initiatives against the same priorities as the ‘Healthy Canberra Grants’.

6. A two-part application process will be introduced for the ‘Healthy Canberra Grants’ with an initial expression of interest (EOI). Shortlisted proposals will then be subject to a more detailed application process. There has been strong community support for this approach. The EOI process will also identify and foster opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

7. A simplified single-stage application and simplified reporting and evaluation processes will be instituted for the ‘Health Promotion Innovation Fund’.

8. The Health Promotion Sponsorship Round will cease but organisations applying in both rounds can still seek funding to provide messaging in support of ACT Health’s social marketing campaigns, in line with the above priorities.

9. A new statement of ‘strategic intent’, new funding and evaluation guidelines will be developed to outline the targets and expected outcomes of the ACTHPGP, and how it will align with ACT Health policies and objectives.

10. Both rounds will be open for applications by the end of 2013. It is expected that the amount of funding available from the ACTHPGP will be unchanged in 2013/14.

Submissions to the community consultation can be viewed here:

Download: MHCC ACT (PDF File - 755k)
Submission deidentified at author's request (PDF File - 491k)
ATODA (PDF File - 121k)
Health Care Consumers Association Inc. (PDF File - 359k)
QL2 Dance Inc. (PDF File - 1009k)
St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn (PDF File - 151k)
ACT Medicare Local (PDF File - 404k)
ASH (PDF File - 86k)
Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation (PDF File - 88k)
Communities@Work (PDF File - 627k)
Mental Illness Education ACT (PDF File - 299k)
Physical Activity Foundation (PDF File - 533k)
Canberra Raiders (PDF File - 783k)
YMCA of Canberra (PDF File - 698k)
Canberra Environment Centre (PDF File - 642k)
YWCA of Canberra (PDF File - 84k)
Women's Centre for Health Matters (PDF File - 683k)
David Wirrpanda Foundation (PDF File - 988k)
COTA ACT (PDF File - 566k)
Uniting Care Kippax (PDF File - 409k)
Woden Valley Gymnastics (PDF File - 194k)
Holy Trinity Primary School (PDF File - 118k)
Bosom Buddies ACT Inc. (PDF File - 233k)
Heart Foundation ACT (PDF File - 112k)
Belconnen Arts Centre (PDF File - 594k)
Companion House Assisting Survivors of Torture and Trauma (PDF File - 451k)
Support Asian Women's Friendship Association Inc. (PDF File - 127k)
Youth Coalition of the ACT (PDF File - 152k)
R Woolston (PDF File - 1151k)
ACT Hepatitis Resource Centre (PDF File - 29k)
Nutrition Australia ACT (PDF File - 632k)
Reclink Australia (PDF File - 1202k)
Kidsafe ACT Inc. (PDF File - 370k)
Smart Start For Kids! (PDF File - 362k)
Capital Football (PDF File - 176k)

A report minuting the proceedings of the public meeting for the community consultation, on 19 February 2013 is available here:

Download: Report Public meeting 19 February 2013 (PDF File - 617k)