ACT Healthcare Survey

Every six months the ACT Health surveys a random sample of people who have recently used our services, to find out how satisfied they were with the care they received*.

ACT Healthcare Survey Report: July -December 2012

This survey is one of a number of ways that ACT Health gains information to help us improve our services. As well as this survey:

  • We welcome consumer feedback, responding to the concerns of individuals and looking at recurring themes that need to be addressed;
  • We consult with community and consumer groups in the development of new services and facilities and in the development and review of policies;
  • We work with consumers on a number of our committees and working groups to gain ongoing feedback and input into our work.

The Healthcare Survey gives us a broad indication of how well we are providing our services and areas for improvement. Our results are compared in the report to hospitals of a similar size in Victoria who use the same survey tool. Further information about the Victorian hospitals that have been used for comparative purposes can be found in the report.

Consumers responded to questions related to six indicators of care. The Overall Experience Index provides a summary of the other 5 key indicators.

  • Overall Experience Index
  • Rights and Respect Index
  • Quality and Safety Index
  • Participation Index
  • Conduct of Staff Index
  • Information and Communication Index

The results from January – June 2012 show that around 79% of people were satisfied with their overall experience in the health system.

More specifically, people surveyed felt ACT Health performed well in:

  • Courtesy of staff
  • Being treated with respect
  • Respect for privacy

There were areas where people surveyed felt that ACT Health could make improvements including:

  • Time for plan return home
  • Explanation of medicines
  • Information about home management

If you have any questions regarding this survey or previous surveys please contact the Patient Experience Leader on (02) 6207 7627.

*3924 surveys were sent to consumers, 1350 were returned for a 34.4% response rate.