C.2 Fraud prevention

ACT Health Fraud Management Framework, Policy and Plan govern the fraud management and prevention work across ACT Health. Divisions of ACT Health regularly undertake fraud risk assessments together with integrated risk assessments. Mitigating controls are put in place to address identified fraud threats and risks. The Executive Directors are responsible for managing fraud risk in their respective divisions.

The ACT Health Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity Risks is required to provide reports on fraud control activities to the Audit and Risk Management Committee at an agreed interval.

Staff receive fraud control and prevention training during orientation and through an eLearning program. Managers are provided with further fraud control and prevention information and training during the manager’s orientation program. This is supported by targeted information that is provided to alert staff to responsibilities and protocols intended to improve systems or to mitigate identified fraud threats and risks.

There was one allegation of fraud made against an ACT Health employee during 2012‑13. This allegation was investigated by the Commissioner for Public Administration. Following a preliminary investigation, it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to progress to a formal investigation.