C.14 Capital works

Capital works within ACT Health occur under the leadership of the Service and Capital Planning Branch.

The Service and Capital Planning Branch is responsible for the delivery of the Health Infrastructure Program (HIP)—a significant investment in the future health services for the ACT community and surrounding region—as well as the Strategic Accommodation and Capital Upgrades Program.

In September 2012 upon the natural expiration of the contract with Thinc Health Australia to provide Project Director services for the HIP, ACT Health progressed plans for the integration of the Project Director role into the governance for the HIP.

The Service and Capital Planning Branch grew significantly in the latter half of 2012, with the direct engagement of staff with industry experience and expertise to support the work of the HIP.

The HIP, a major capital infrastructure program, is based on a complex mix of population growth and ageing, changing technology and provider and consumer expectations—all of which contribute to a significant increase in demand for health services in the ACT. Demand for health services is projected to increase rapidly over the next

10 years and beyond and the HIP is a planned, comprehensive and structured response to these pressures. Underpinned by future health services demand projections, the HIP encompasses models of care and service delivery, technology, workforce and infrastructure redesign work in conjunction with a significant capital works program over a 10-year period, up to 2022. This reporting year marked the fifth year of the HIP.

The ongoing program of capital works to buildings and plant to maintain and improve the existing infrastructure supporting the Health Directorate was transferred from the Business and Infrastructure Branch to the Service and Capital Planning Branch on 1 January 2013. The Capital Upgrades Program is funded annually, with prioritisation of work being determined by the ACT Health Executive under the following categories:

  • building upgrades
  • safety/security upgrades
  • medical facility upgrades
  • patient facility upgrades
  • ambulatory care improvements
  • augmentation of medical and administration offices.

Projects completed in 2012‑13 under the HIP were as follows:

  • Stage 1 of the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children (CHWC) was completed in August 2012 and clinical services commenced on 21 August 2012. Stage 1 of the facility provides permanent accommodation for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Special Care Nursery, Birth Centre, maternity and gynaecology inpatient ward areas and administration. Ronald MacDonald House is also incorporated within this facility. It provides overnight accommodation for families and carers of children who are inpatients within the CHWC.
  • The Calvary Hospital emergency department expansion was completed in December 2012, with capacity created for an additional six treatment spaces (four chair areas and two consulting rooms).
  • The Gunghalin Community Health Centre was completed in August 2012, with service delivery commencing on 3 September 2012. The facility provides health services for the Gunghalin Community in the areas of dental health, allied health and community nursing.
  • Duffy House was completed in August 2012. It provides accommodation for interstate cancer services patients and carers. The facility was developed with funding support from the Australian Government.
  • Works in progress under the HIP at 30 June 2013 were:
  • Staging, decanting and continuity of services: these works are continuing. This project consists of multiple sub-projects that aim to relocate occupants of ACT Health facilities to allow building works to progress.
  • Canberra Region Cancer Centre: this facility is nearing the final stages of construction. The facility is expected to be completed in September 2013. The new facility will provide an integrated treatment centre for cancer services for the Canberra region.
  • University of Canberra Public Hospital achieved a number of milestones, with a site on the University of Canberra campus identified as the preferred location for the facility. A ‘Heads of Agreement’ was signed in September 2012 to support the agreement. Negotiations relating to acquisition of the land commenced during the reporting year. In addition, a draft service delivery plan to inform a concept design for the facility was developed based on user group consultation; site studies were undertaken on the preferred site; a report was prepared on possible procurement delivery models to be adopted; and an expression of interest for the principal consultant was advertised, with 18 submissions received.
  • Tuggeranong Health Centre (refurbishment and stage 2): this project involves the refurbishment and extension of the physical infrastructure of the Tuggeranong Community Health Centre and the expansion and enhancement of services provided at the Tuggeranong Health Centre. The extension and refurbishment have been designed to meet the future health needs of the local population to 2021–22.
  • Belconnen Community Health Centre (BCHC): physical works commenced in January 2012, with completion of construction expected in September 2013. The BCHC will provide an increased number of traditional community health services, such as dental, community nursing and community mental health. It will also provide an expanded range of higher order clinical services that were previously provided on hospital grounds, such as renal dialysis, some specialist outpatient services and chronic disease management.
  • Stage 2 of the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children is nearing completion, with handover to ACT Health expected in late 2013.
  • Adult Secure Mental Health Unit—Forward Design: work is proceeding to prepare a health facility brief before proceeding to design. The new purpose-built facility will be located on the former Quamby site at Symonston. It is expected that design works will commence in 2014.
  • The Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm project experienced delays relating to its development application (DA) process. During the reporting year, the model of care (phase 2) and the preliminary and final sketch plans for the facility were endorsed by the Redevelopment Committee. Construction documentation has been completed for the tendering of construction works. After community consultation and an initial submission of a DA in mid-2012, amended development applications were lodged for lease variation, design and siting of the facility in February 2013. In May 2013 the lease variation was approved with conditions by the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate—ACT Planning and Land Authority. In June 2013 ACT Health was advised that applications for a review of this decision had been received by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal. At 30 June 2013, the outcome of the design and siting DA was pending. In addition to this work, land management activities on the Miowera property have been ongoing, and planning for construction has progressed.

The following tables contain ACT Health capital works project information and the reconciliation schedule.

Capital works table—Health Directorate


Project Proposed
or Actual
Revised project value
Prior years
Total expend
to date
New works – Departmental            
Adult Secure Mental Health Unit (Finalising Design) Jun-14 2,000 2,000 N/A
Staging and Decanting –
Moving To Our Future
Sep-14 22,300 22,300 N/A 247 247
Health Infrastructure Program – Project Management Dec-14 19,319 19,319 N/A 4,225 4,225
Enhanced Community Health Centre Backup Power Jun-14 3,540 3,540 N/A 250 250
Replacement of CT Scanner at the Canberra Hospital Aug-13 2,893 2,893 N/A
Major Building Plant Replacement and Upgrade Jun-13 5,292 5,292 N/A 1,230 1,230
Capital Upgrades Program – Departmental        
Building Upgrades to address Condition Report Findings Jun-14 580 580 N/A 379 379
Fire/Safety/Security Jun-14 352 352 N/A 313 313
Mechanical Systems Upgrades Jun-14 580 580 N/A 563 563
Facilities Improvements to Patient Accommodation Jun-14 620 620 N/A 268 268
Ambulatory Care Improvements Jun-14 680 680 N/A 41 41
Augmentation of Medical and Administrative Offices Jun-14 420 420 N/A 262 262
Capital Upgrades Program – Territorial          
Residential Accommodation Refurbishment – Calvary Jun-14 310 310 79 79
Installation of a Primary-Secondary Loop for the Environmental Cooling System to meet the needs of a Growing Hospital and Reduce Energy Costs Oct-13 200 200 N/A
Improvements to Patient
Safety – Expansion of Reticulated Suction System
Oct-13 50 50 N/A
Improvements to Keaney Environmental Cooling System which will provide redundancy Oct-13 296 296 N/A
Installation of a Service Column in the Intensive Care Unit to Provide Reticulated Gas, Power and Data to a Cardiac Procedure Room Jun-13 80 80 N/A 39 39
Works in progress – Departmental          
Clinical Services Redevelopment – Phase 3 Dec-14 25,700 21,800 4,283 -2,243 2,040
Integrated Cancer Care Centre – Phase 2 Sep-13 15,102 15,102 - 12,378 12,378
Staging, Decanting and Continuity of Services Dec-14 19,430 19,430 1,815 3,765 5,580
Identity and Access Management Dec-13 3,100 3,100 1,186 1,358 2,544



Project Proposed
or Actual
Revised project value
Prior years
Total expend
to date
Central Sterilising Service Apr-15 17,270 17,270 103 152 255
North Side Hospital Specification and Documentation Jun-14 4,000 4,000 257 625 882
Clinical Services Redevelopment – Phase 2 Jun-14 15,000 8,850 4,990 2,791 7,781
Tuggeranong Health Centre – Stage 2 Jun-14 14,000 14,000 0 1,424 1,424
HIP Change Management and Communication Support Jun-14 4,117 4,117 1,968 1,054 3,022
National Health Reform Aug-13 15,098 10,088 2,323 6,409 8,732
Integrated Canberra Region Cancer Centre – Phase 1 Sep-13 27,900 29,652 8,233 20,997 29,230
Enhanced Community Health Centre – Belconnen Sep-13 51,344 51,344 8,592 30,433 39,025
Mental Health Young Persons Unit Nov-13 775 775 121 121
Women and Children’s Hospital Nov-13 90,000 111,060 78,240 24,995 103,235
Refurbishment of Health
Centre – Tuggeranong
Jun-14 5,000 5,000 999 4,001 5,000
Provision for Project
Definition Planning
Jun-14 63,800 59,040 49,686 5,804 55,490
Adult Secure Mental Health Inpatient Unit – Forward Design Jun-14 1,200 1,200 755 755
Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Residential Alcohol & Other Drug Rehabilitation Facility Aug-15 5,883 7,933 876 290 1,166
Linear Accelerator Procurement and Replacement Dec-12 18,700 17,250 16,488 29 16,517
An E-Healthy Future Mar-15 90,185 90,185 31,888 14,926 46,814
Digital Mammography Jun-13 5,715 5,715 4,805 563 5,368
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – Video Streaming Service Jun-13 200 200 100 8 108
Projects – Physically complete but financially incomplete – Departmental    
New Multistorey Car Park TCH Jun-13 29,000 42,720 41,881 97 41,978
Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit Apr-12 23,630 28,480 23,630 4,642 28,272
New Gungahlin Health Centre Aug-12 18,000 18,000 13,880 3,546 17,426
Projects – Physically complete but financially incomplete – Territorial    
Fire Safety Upgrades – Calvary Oct-12 300 300 210 14 224
Completed Projects – Physically and financially complete – Departmental    
Provision for Phase 1 CSR Jun-13 57,000 26,630 26,630 - 26,630
ACT Health Skills
Development Centre
Jun-13 1,300 1,010 901 109 1,010
Enhancement of Canberra Hospital Facilities (Design) Jun-13 41,000 220 79 141 220
TCH Discharge Lounge Relocation Jun-13 150 150 117 33 150
Elective Surgery
(Commonwealth Funding)
Sep-09 4,680 4,680 4,452 228 4,680
Building Upgrades to address Condition Report findings including Works to Bathrooms, Disability Access and Roofing Jun-13 561 561 518 43 561
Energy Savings/Sustainability – Upgrade Works to Building
Control Systems to Improve Efficiency and Installation of
Bike Storage Facilities
Jun-13 300 300 183 117 300
Safety/Security Upgrades to address Outcomes of Fire
Reports, Improve Access Control to Plant Rooms, Floor Covering Upgrades and Removal of Hazardous Materials
Jun-13 380 380 305 75 380
Mechanical Systems Upgrades to Plant and Equipment at the Canberra Hospital and various other ACT Health Facilities Jun-13 600 600 589 11 600
Patient/Medical Facilities Upgrades including Refurbishment of Ambulatory Care Facilities, Provision of a Community Dialysis Self Care Facility and Upgrades to Patient Facilities Jun-13 670 670 379 291 670
Workplace Improvements which will facilitate improved Patient Flows and Operations and Services at Canberra Hospital Jun-13 590 590 523 67 590
Medical Facilities Jun-13 520 520 N/A 520 520
Completed Projects – Physically and financially complete – Territorial    
Works Associated with the Installation of a MRI Equipment Aug-12 70 70 N/A 70 70
Security Upgrades to Improve Staff and Patient Safety Jun-13 50 50 N/A 50 50
Upgrade of Chiller Jun-13 350 350 330 20 350
Upgrades to 6th Floor Kitchen, Theatre Storage and Xavier Level Public Toilets and Floor Finishes Oct-12 285 285 110 175 285


Reconciliation schedule—capital works and capital injection


Approved Capital Works Program financing to capital injection as per cash flow statement  
Section 16B
Not drawn
Capital works 197.651 15.651 0.000 –101.018 –7.129 105.155
ICT Capital Injections 28.584 0.361 0.000 –9.838 1.592 20.699
Other capital injections 11.647 1.424 0.000 –1.328 –7.629 4.114
Total Departmental 237.882 17.436 0.000 –112.184 –13.166 129.968
Total Territorial 0.746 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.746