C.3 Public interest disclosure

Public interest disclosure is managed in ACT Health in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012. Procedures for actioning public interest disclosures are carried out according to the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate guidelines. ACT Health’s public interest disclosure policy and procedures are available to all staff and the community on the Health website. The Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity Risk receives disclosures and determines the appropriate action in accordance with the Act.

Of the six disclosures unfinalised at the end of 2011‑12:

  • one was dismissed as the allegations lacked substance following the gathering of preliminary evidence
  • one was subject to external review as part of an Auditor-General Performance Review, and recommendations from that review were translated into an action plan
  • three were the subject of external investigation, with one revealing no evidence of misconduct, and the other two resulting in findings of misconduct and proposed disciplinary action
  • one was discontinued following staff relocations and exits.

Of the two matters where the external investigation found misconduct substantiated:

  • one related to bullying and harassment, failure to exercise reasonable care and skill, and failure to abide by lawful directions
  • the other related to failure to exercise reasonable care and skill and failure to abide by lawful directions.

In each case the events described were restricted to the conduct of particular individuals and not considered to be a high risk of systematic recurrence.

No disclosures relating to disclosable conduct were received by ACT Health in 2012‑13.