Note 5. User Charges

User charge revenue is derived by providing goods and services to other ACT Government agencies and to the public. User charge revenue is not part of ACT Government appropriation and is paid by the user of the goods or services. This revenue is driven by consumer demand and is commercial in nature.


User Charges – ACT Government    
Local Hospital Network Fundinga 542,759
Service Revenue 810 825
Total User Charges – ACT Government 543,569 825
User Charges – Non-ACT Government    
Service Revenueb 13,069 13,751
Amounts Received for Highly Specialised Drugsc 15,639 16,423
Cross Border (Interstate) Health Revenued 13,445 129,580
Inpatient Feese 29,893 25,678
Facilities Feesf 23,846 22,929
Non-inpatient Fees 780 766
Inventory Salesg 12,864 16,501
Accommodation and Meals 3,678 3,474
Total User Charges – Non-ACT Government 113,214 229,102
Total User Charges 656,783 229,927


a) This revenue is due to the changed funding arrangements following the implementation of the National Health Reform Agreement from 1 July 2012. This revenue relates to the receipt of funding from the ACT Local Hospital Network Directorate for public hospital services provided by Canberra Hospital and Health Services.

b) The decrease is mainly attributable to a reduction in the number of private patients requiring implanted prostheses.

c) This is mainly due to usage of highly specialised drugs being lower than in the previous year.

d) The decrease is due to the changed funding arrangements for the treatment of interstate patients in ACT hospitals following the implementation of National Health Reform Agreement. This revenue is now collected by the ACT Local Health Network Directorate.

e) The increase mainly relates to revenue received for prior year activity for Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) patients following the acquittals of 2010–11 and 2011‑12 financial years.

f) The increase is attributable to the full year operation of the Positron Emission Tomography (PET)/Computerised Tomography (CT) service which commenced operation during 2012.

g) The reduction is due to reduced demand from the private sector for the supply of medical and surgical supplies.