Note 16. Grants and Purchased Services

Grants are sums of money given to organisations or individuals for a specified purpose directed at achieving goals and objectives consistent with Government policy on health promotion.

Purchased Services are amounts paid to obtain services by the Directorate from other ACT Government agencies and external parties. They may be for capital, current or recurrent purposes and they are usually subject to terms and conditions set out in a contract, agreement, or by legislation.

Non-Government Organisation service providers provide services in a range of areas including Home and Community Care, Alcohol and Drug, Community Mental Health, Women’s Health, Aged Care and Aboriginal Health.

Purchased Services from Calvary Hospital is for the provision of healthcare for the North Canberra population.

Cross Border Health Costs relates to costs incurred by ACT residents in interstate hospitals.

Expenditure to Other Service Providers are mainly for the provision of elective surgery procedures by private hospitals.


Grants 2,637 2,709
Total Grants 2,637 2,709
Purchased Services    
Calvary Hospitala 14,708 151,855
Non-Government Organisationsb 59,436 71,515
Cross Border Health Costsc 2,788 16,675
Otherd 3,319 4,758
Total Purchased Services 80,251 244,803
Total Grants and Purchased Services 82,888 247,512


a) The decrease in Purchased Services from Calvary Hospital is due to the commencement of the National Health Reform Agreement. Public hospital activities that meet the funding criteria of the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority are now purchased through the ACT Local Hospital Network Directorate.

b) The decrease is due to the changed funding arrangement for over 65 year olds and the Home and Community Care Program which are now being directly funded by the Commonwealth Government, offset by indexation, growth in mental health services and elective surgery procedures delivered by the non-government sector.

c) The decrease is due to cross border hospital services being purchased in 2012‑13 by the ACT Local Hospital Network Directorate rather than the Health Directorate. The 2013 amount is due to the finalisation of prior year acquittals.

d) The decrease is due to a reduced level of elective surgery procedures purchased from private providers.