Note 19. Other Expenses

Miscellaneous Expensesa 2,219 1,327
Legal Settlements 2,374 2,427
Waivers, Impairment Losses and Write-offs (see Note 20)b 2,292 2,764
Loss on Sale of Assetsc 38 136
Assets Donated to Third Partiesd 1,466
Total Other Expenses 6,923 8,120


a) The increase mainly relates to the expensing of feasibility and design costs of the Skills Development Centre Project.

b) The decrease mainly relates to a reduction in the amount of debt written off and debts assessed as impaired.

c) This relates to the sale of motor vehicles on finance lease that matured during the year. The reduction reflects a better market price for second hand cars.

d) 2012 relates to transfer of ownership of Intensive Care Unit equipment to Calvary Public Hospital.