Note 24. Receivables

Current Receivables    
Trade Receivablesa 9,519 8,705
Less: Allowance for Impairment Losses (1,668) (1,697)
  7,851 7,008
Other Trade Receivablesb 74,767 13,910
Less: Allowance for Impairment Losses (478) (538)
  74,289 13,372
Net GST Receivable 4,035 4,572
  4,035 4,572
Accrued Revenuec 4,254 6,349
Accrued Revenue – Cross Borderd 35,910 26,429
  40,164 32,778
Total Current Receivables 126,339 57,730
Total Non-Current Receivables
Total Receivables 126,339 57,730


a) The increase mainly relates to private patients fees and an increase in debtors for consumables sold to private hospitals.

b) The increase mainly relates to receivable from the ACT Local Hospital Network Directorate for the provision of hospital services under the new funding arrangement, an increase in receivable for Calvary Health Care for seconded medical staff reimbursements, and for reimbursement for residential care services by the Community Services Directorate.

c) The decrease mainly relates to prior year acquittals, settled during the year with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for hospital care provided to veterans.

d) The increase mainly reflects adjustments for prior year activity not yet paid by the New South Wales Ministry of Health.


Ageing of Receivables          
  Not Overdue
Past Due
Less Than
30 days
Past Due
30 to 60 days
Past Due
Greater Than
60 days
Not Impaired          
Receivablese 77,647 3,503 1,486 7,793 90,429
Cross Borderg 35,910 35,910
Receivables 2,146 2,146
Not Impaired          
Receivables 24,811 1,269 561 4,660 31,301
Cross Border 26,429 26,429
Receivables 2,235 2,235
Receivables are written-off during the year in which they are considered to become uncollectible.


e) ‘Not Overdue’ component of Receivables largely consist of accrued revenues for Department of Veterans’ Affairs patients which are not due until an acquittal process in subsequent years, Goods and Services Input Tax receivable from the Australian Taxation Office and private patient fees accrued in June. ‘Past Due – Greater Than 60 Days are mostly third party, workers’ compensation or public liability transactions which have become the subject of legal claims as to responsibility for the payment. Substantial delays can therefore occur before liability for such debts is determined. This also includes amounts receivable from Calvary Health Care for medical officers seconded from the Canberra Hospital.

f) The increase in the overdue amounts in 2013 is largely attributable to payments due from Calvary Health Care.

g) Cross Border receivables is funding due from the New South Wales Ministry of Health for admitted and non-admitted patient services provided to residents of New South Wales. This is categorised as not overdue as the funding agreement does not mandate a timeframe for payment prior to final acquittal of activity numbers for each period and the final acquittals are yet to occur. In August 2013 the New South Wales Ministry of Health finalised and paid in full the 2009-10 and 2010-11 acquittals ($27.7 million).


Reconciliation of the Allowance for Impairment Losses    
Allowance for Impairment Losses at the Beginning of the Reporting Period 2,235 1,601
Additional Allowance and Impairment Losses Recognised 395 640
Reduction in Allowance (484)
Reduction in Allowance Resulting from a Write-Back against the Receivables (6)
Allowance for Impairment Losses at the End of the Reporting Period 2,146 2,235
Classification of ACT Government/Non-ACT Government Receivables    
Receivables with ACT Government Agencies    
Net Trade Receivables 67 42
Net Other Trade Receivables 60,349 1,677
Accrued Revenue 16 17
Net Goods and Services Tax Receivable 52
Total Receivables with Other ACT Government Agencies 60,484 1,736
Receivables with Non-ACT Government Entities    
Net Trade Receivables 7,784 6,966
Net Other Trade Receivables 49,850 11,695
Net Goods and Services Tax Receivables 3,983 4,572
Accrued Revenue 4,238 32,761
Total Receivables with Non-ACT Government Entities 65,855 55,994
Total Receivables 126,339 57,730