Output 1.1 - Acute Services

ACT Health recognises that building an effective healthcare system requires genuine collaboration between consumers, carers and ACT Health staff. ACT Health is committed to providing opportunities for consumers and carers-those who are most affected by healthcare services-to influence the development, delivery and review of services. Increasing the participation of consumers and carers in health care is fundamental to building strong partnerships. The quality of care ACT Health provides is higher as a result of meaningful consumer and carer involvement in policy development and planning of health services.

The ACT Health Consumer and Carer Participation Framework aims to assist consumers, carers and ACT Health staff to work in genuine collaboration in order to:

  • increase consumer and carer participation in health care
  • facilitate joint decision-making at all levels and
  • improve the development, delivery and evaluation of ACT's public health services.

Opportunities for consumer participation within the health system exist at many levels and at many points within the continuum of care and delivery of services. These include, but are not limited to, participation at:

  • the level of individual care, where there are interactions between the consumer, patient and/or carer and the healthcare providers
  • the service level, where consumer and carer participation is focused on contributing to service delivery guidelines and procedures
  • the organisational level, where the level of participation is focused on broader strategic and policy development activity.

ACT Health already has in place an extensive range of established practices and initiatives that demonstrate its ongoing commitment to consumer and carer participation. Examples of these include:

  • Listening and Learning: Consumer Feedback Policy and Standards
  • implementation of the Australian charter of healthcare rights and Charter on the rights of children and young people in healthcare services in Australia
  • Consumer, Carer and Community Representative Reimbursement Policy
  • relationships with consumer advocacy agencies through service funding agreements
  • Respecting Patient Choices program
  • Patient- and family-centred care framework.

ACT Health has actively engaged with the community on a range of matters, as indicated on the side menu.