D.1 Public Interest Disclosure

Public interest disclosure is managed in ACT Health in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012. Public interest disclosures received by ACT Health are managed in accordance with the Commissioner for Public Administration's guidelines. ACT Health's public interest disclosure policy and procedures were retired following adoption of the Commissioner's guidelines. The Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity Risk receives disclosures and determines the appropriate action in accordance with the Act.

Two potential public interest disclosures were referred to ACT Health in 2013 - 14. One related to misconduct and employment practices. It was determined that the matter did not constitute a public interest disclosure, and the complaint was subsequently referred to the entity concerned for investigation and appropriate action, as ACT Health did not have the authority to pursue the matter. The other related to alleged misconduct and is currently being investigated under the provisions of the relevant enterprise agreement, as it did not meet the criteria for progression under the Act.