E.4 Workplace relations

The reporting year 2013-14 saw a change in direction for the ACT Public Service in the structure of the employment conditions framework. Agency-specific enterprise agreements began to be replaced by service-wide agreements based on employment streams. A new service-wide agreement for nurses and midwives was completed in March 2014, and another for administrative and related classifications in May 2014. Further agreements, covering the rest of the ACT Health workforce, were nearing completion at the end of the financial year.

The year also saw the negotiation of a new core contract for visiting medical officers (VMOs). In addition to setting conditions and rates of payment, the new model contract - which will be introduced as VMO contracts come up for renewal - will clarify how ACT Health policies apply to VMOs, making their obligations and responsibilities in both clinical and non-clinical areas clearer and more transparent.

As part of ACT Health's consultation requirements under all applicable enterprise agreements, quarterly meetings were held with all relevant unions. In addition, the Director-General of ACT Health organised a meeting with all the unions represented within the organisation, allowing access on a bi-monthly basis.

Details of ACT Health's Special Employment Arrangements (SEAs) and Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) are set out in the table below. In ACT Health, SEAs are used to attract and retain special skills in high demand, including those of medical and health practitioners and specialised skills in clinical support areas.


Description No. of Individual SEAs No. of group SEAs Total employees covered by Group SEAs Total
  A B C (A+C)
Number of SEAs at 30 June 2014 118 22 204 322
Number of SEAs entered into during period 7 1 15 22
Number of SEAs terminated during period 14 2 150 164
Number of SEAs providing for privately plated vehicles as at 30 June 2014 8 0 0 8
Number of SEAs for employees who have transferred from AWAs during period 0 0 0 0
Number of AWAs at 30 June 2014 4 0 0 4
Number of AWAs terminated/lapsed during period (including formal termination and those that have lapsed due to staff departures) 0 0 0 0



  Classification Range Remuneration as at 30 June 2014
Individual and Group SEAs DEN1/2, DEN3, DEN4 $52,547 - $162,802
HPO1-HPO6 $19,971 - $156,296
MPPSP, MPSPE, MPSSP, MPCHF $91,251 - $188,911
PAO2-PAO3 $81,760 - $116,570
SITB $129,886
SOA, SOB, SOC $125,672 - $162,389
SPEC-SSPEC $69,808 - $593,109
TCMG2 -TCMG3 $198,386 - $236,812
AWAs (includes AWAs ceased during reporting period) SOC $100,207 - $120,048
SSPEC $210,481 - $272,473