F.4 Asset Management

Assets managed

ACT Health managed assets with a total written down value of $859.1 million at 30 June 2014, including:

  • built property assets $771.290 million
  • land $40.250 million
  • plant and equipment $36.785 million
  • leased plant and equipment $5.964 million
  • leasehold improvements $4.811 million.

The estimated replacement value of these assets was $1,419 million, of which property assets were $1,293 million.

The following table lists ACT Health’s property assets.


The Canberra Hospital (CH) campus Area m2
CH Building 1-Tower Block 37,560
CH Building 2-Reception/Administration 5950
CH Building 3-Oncology/Aged Care/Rehabilitation 17,390
CH Building 3-Radiation Oncology 1,650
CH Building 4-ANU Medical School 4,115
CH Building 5-Staff Training/Accommodation 8,230
CH Building 6-/Offices 4,710
CH Building 7-Alcohol and Drug 1,260
CH Building 8-Pain Management 660
CH Building 9-Accommodation 740
CH Building 10-Pathology 10,250
CH Building 11-Centenary Hospital for Women and Children 19200
CH Building 12-Diagnostic and Treatment (including Emergency Department/Intensive Care Unit 19510
CH Building 13-Helipad Northern Car park 7,980
CH Building 14-Child Care 627
CH Building 15-To be refurbished 2,020
CH Building 19-Canberra Region Cancer Centre 7,980
CH Building 22-Information Management 243
CH Building 23-Redevelopment Unit Offices 1,810
CH Building 24- Health Administration Offices 1,332
CH Building 25- Adult Mental Health Unit 5,436
CH Building 26- Southern Car park 53,000
Gaunt Place Building 1-Dialysis Unit 871
Gaunt Place Building 2-RILU 688
Gaunt Place Buildings 3, 4, 5, 6 (Health Offices) 668
Yamba Drive car park (Phillip Block 7, Section N/A



Health facilities Area m2
Belconnen Health Centre 3,800
Belconnen Community Health Centre 11,160
Dickson Health Centre 490
Gungahlin Health Centre 2,608
Phillip Health Centre 3,676
Tuggeranong Community Health Centre 6,760
Bruce-Arcadia House 467
Bruce-Brian Hennessy House 3,719
Health Protection Services-Holder 1,600
Monash-Health Protection Service Air Monitoring Station 18
Lanyon Family Care Centre 194
Ngunnawal Family Care Centre 215
Weston-Independent Living Centre 1,143
Barton-Clare Holland House 1,600
Curtin-QEII Family Centre 1,120
Kambah-Step Up Step Down Unit 279
Fadden-Karralika 534
Florey - Health Protection Service Air Monitoring Station 18
Isabella Plains-Karralika 1,400
O’Connor-Mental Illness Fellowship 200
Rivett-Burrangiri Respite Care Centre 1,054
Watson Hostel 2,431
Paddy's River-Miowera 206
Duffy-Cancer Patient Accommodation 319
Student AccommodationPhillip (3 units) 276
Student Accommodation-Belconnen (2 units) 220
Student Accommodation-Garran (1 unit) 117


During 2013-14, no assets were removed from the asset register. The following assets were added to the register:

  • Canberra Hospital Building 19, Canberra Region Cancer Centre
  • Health Protection Service Air Monitoring Station-Florey
  • Belconnen Community Health Centre
  • additions to Tuggeranong Community Health Centre
  • Canberra Hospital Building 12, Diagnostic and Treatment Emergency Department/Intensive Care Unit extension.

At 30 June 2014, ACT Health did not have any surplus properties.

Assets maintenance and upgrade

Works were undertaken at properties throughout ACT Health's portfolio in 2013-14. Works completed in the reporting year were:

  • Canberra Hospital-provision of an eight-bed medi-hotel facility in Building 5
  • Canberra Hospital-refurbishment of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit
  • Canberra Hospital-kitchen upgrades to Building 5
  • Canberra Hospital-replacement of boiler systems to Buildings 10 and 12
  • Canberra Hospital-fire safety system upgrade to Building 1
  • Canberra Hospital-Cardiac Catheter Laboratory UPS and air-conditioning upgrades
  • Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre-fire safety system upgrades and installation of sprinkler system
  • Clare Holland House-clean utility and medication room upgrades
  • Arcadia House-fire safety system upgrades and installation of sprinkler system
  • Arcadia House-security fence upgrade.

Details of the capital works program are included in section F.3, Capital works.

Property, plant and equipment are maintained to a high standard to meet health requirements. Expenditure on repairs and maintenance, excluding salaries, was $15.851 million, which represents 1.23 per cent of the replacement value.

Building audits

Sixty-four building condition assessments, hazardous materials audits and fire reports were undertaken as part of a rolling three-year program to assess all buildings managed by ACT Health. These audits are used to inform the directorate's ongoing asset management program. The condition audits assessed these properties as being in normal or average condition.

Office accommodation

The agency employs 6797 staff, of whom 1259 occupy office-style accommodation in the sites listed in the table below, at an average utilisation rate of 13.0 square metres (m2) per employee.


Location Property Owned
Work points/staff
on 30 June 2014
Office area (m2) Utilisation rate m2
per employee
Civic 1 Moore Street, Level 3 Leased 158 1,954 12.4
Civic 11 Moore Street, Level 2 and 3 Leased 153 2,290 15
Civic 12 Moore Street, Level 1 Leased 43 447 10.4
Curtin Carruthers Street Leased 217 3,187 9.9
Garran Garran Canberra Hospital, Building 2 Owned 54 808 15
Garran Canberra Hospital, Building 6 Owned 202 3,051 15.1
Garran Canberra Hospital, Building 12, Medical Records Owned 62 613 9.9
Garran Canberra Hospital, Building 22 Leased 23 243 10.6
Garran Canberra Hospital, Building 23 Owned 158 1,810 11.5
Garran Canberra Hospital, Building 24 Owned 62 1,332 19.7
Holder Health Protection Services Owned 75 1,163 15.5
Phillip 1 Bowes Place Leased 52 583 11.2


The remaining 5538 staff work in non-office environments in ACT Health's acute and non-acute facilities. Due to the clinical nature of these workplaces, the average area per employee is not applicable.