Research Ethics and Governance Office

The Research Ethics and Governance Office (REGO) is responsible for the coordination and management of concurrent ethical and site governance review processes for ACT Health. This includes scientific and ethical review of new research proposals, site governance review and ongoing monitoring.

Ethical and scientific review is provided by the ACT Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). The HREC operates in accordance with National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (National Statement; NS) and is constituted according to the requirements of section 5.1.30 (a list of members is available here).

To ensure it provides full and comprehensive review services to the research community, the HREC incorporates specialist sub-committees to advise on the research merit and integrity of proposals. The sub-committees are the Clinical Trials Sub-Committee (CTSC) and the Social Research Sub-Committee (SRSC). HREC also employs the use of a Low Risk Sub-Committee (LRSC) to provide an avenue of expedited review for research that is considered low risk (according to the definition of the National Statement).

HREC Statistics and Performance Reports

View the 2013-14 report

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