Application Essentials

When putting your application together you'll need to know this essential information.

This handy list should make it easy to understand ACT Health and working in the ACT Government.

ACT Health core values

ACT Health's core values are Care, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity. Read more about this in our Corporate Plan.

Code of Conduct

The behaviour that ACT Health expects of its employees includes honesty, respect, confidentiality, professionalism and fairness.

Public sector policies and standards

Student Clinical Placements

ACT Health provides a wide range of options for undergraduate, post graduate program students and other health professionals to undertake student and trainee clinical placements.

Vision and values

ACT Health's Corporate Plan 2010-12 outlines ACT Health's vision and values.

Working with the ACT Government

To find out more about working with the ACT Government, visit the ACT Government jobs website or subscribe to this RSS Feed.