Enrolled Nurses

If you’re an Enrolled Nurse looking for a change, why not consider applying to the Canberra Hospital and Health Services, ACT Health.

Canberra Hospital is currently looking for Enrolled Nurses to work in a diverse range of clinical areas throughout the organisation.

If you are an Enrolled Nurse with a minimum of twelve months’ experience, please call (02) 6244 2680 (Nurse Bank) or (02) 6244 2352 (Nursing and Midwifery Office) for further information on how to join the nursing team at Canberra Hospital.

If you are newly qualified with less than twelve months’ experience, please follow the link below for information on the Transition to Practice program for New Graduates

What are some of the benefits of working as an Enrolled Nurse for ACT Health?

Ongoing training and education through Staff Development Unit (SDU), including twice yearly EN specific study days and monthly education modules bookable via Capabiliti, the ACT Health Training Management System.

Clinical Development Nurse (CDN) Support in all clinical areas.


EN Co-ordinator and EN CDN Team: Tara Kuleas, Janine Davidson, Lydia Manen and Maxine Jordan

Enrolled Nurse (EN) Career Progression Opportunities

Personal Classification Level 2 provides a career advancement opportunity for ACT Health Level 1 Enrolled Nurses who are permanently employed to be advanced to Level 2 based on their knowledge, skills and attributes.

To advance to an EN Personal Classification Level 2, the EN has to be found suitable after submitting a written application and having attended an interview process. Two advancement rounds are offered each year and applicants are encouraged to attend an information session prior to submitting an application. Information sessions will be held prior to each application round at the Staff Development Unit, Building 5, Canberra Hospital.

Enrolled Nurse Level 2 Personal Classification Information sessions in 2016 are scheduled to take place on 2nd February and 6th September. To attend the please book in via Capabiliti.

For further information, follow the links below.

A Biennial Enrolled Nurse Forum

A Biennial Enrolled Nurse Forum which focuses on empowering the Enrolled Nurse to recognise their leadership potential, inform them of enhanced career pathways and educational opportunities.  The forum is a one day event targeting all Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nursing Students working throughout the ACT and regional NSW. 


Overview of the Canberra Hospital auditorium - attendees preparing for the inaugural Enrolled Nurse Forum

CIT’s Melissa Power(in cognito) and Lynette Jackson - MaskEd presentation

September 2013 saw the introduction of the Enrolled Nurse Forum, which took place at the Canberra Hospital auditorium. The forum was well attended by ENs from the ACT and regional New South Wales and provided an interesting, thought provoking program, aligned with our organisation’s core values and the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. The Canberra Institute of Technology Educators, Registered Nurses, Allied Health staff and Enrolled Nurses presented and facilitated various sessions. Topics included; Supporting Teamwork and Collaboration, The True Cost of Falls, MaskEd and My Career - so far.

The Top Poster prize was awarded to Ashleigh Mawhinney and Jennifer Brandon for their poster entitled ‘ALERT: Clostridium Difficile’.

The positive feedback received highlighted the success and relevance of the program and the significance of the EN role ‘at the heart of patient centred care’. For example one EN wrote, “I feel as a professional group we were very well represented..... It was great to hear Ronnie Croome speak”.

Another EN wrote, “Thank you for having this lovely day and caring for EN’s. The all day program was very beneficial and important to all of us girls & guys”.

Other reasons why you should choose the CHHS

  • Scholarship opportunities for travel and further training.

  • Access to a large comprehensive library with access to biomedical databases via the internet, available in your home.

  • Free secure car parking on campus.

  • Salary packaging opportunities for permanent staff.

  • 7 weeks annual leave plus a paid ADO per month for full-time employees on a rotating roster

It’s a great place to work!