Communicable disease control

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Communicable Disease Control (CDC) monitors and reduces the spread of communicable diseases in the ACT.

CDC coordinates the ACT component of the national immunisation program; disease outbreak investigation and control activities; and licensing and inspection of businesses that conduct skin penetration procedures.

Download: ACT Immunisation Program Schedule - Ticksheet (July 2013) (PDF File - 405k)
ACT Immunisation Program Schedule (July 2013) (PDF File - 61k)


The Immunisation Unit is responsible for the coordination of the ACT Immunisation Program, which aims to reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases by increasing access to vaccines. If you, your child or a client experience an adverse event following immunisation, please complete the Report of an Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI) form or call the number below.For additional general immunisation information see the Child health Immunisation clinics page.

Download: Adverse event following Immunisation information sheet (PDF File - 219k)
ACT Immunisation Requirements for entry into school, preschool and childcare 2014 Parent Guide (PDF File - 174k)
Immunisation Adverse Event Reporting Form (PDF File - 1112k)
Yellow Fever Vaccine Providers 2014 (PDF File - 102k)

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Surveillance and Management

The Surveillance and Management Unit receives notification of all notifiable diseases Notifications are evaluated and analysed to determine whether there is a cluster or outbreak. Many of these notifications are actively investigated and individual cases (and their contacts), clusters and outbreaks are managed either by the Public Health Nurse and/or the Acute Response Team.

CDC liases with the Federal Government and State & Territory health departments to monitor disease patterns and outbreaks, and to develop and implement national communicable disease control strategies, including preparedness for bioterrorism and pandemic influenza.

Reporting a notifiable disease or related death

Download: Report of notifiable disease or related death (PDF File - 182k)

Contact us

  • Communicable Disease Control - Phone (02) 6205 2155 or Fax (02) 6205 0711.
  • Immunisation - Phone (02) 6205 2300 or Fax (02) 6205 0711
  • CDC Emergency pager (24hrs) - (02) 9962 4155


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