Licensing and Registration

This section includes information and forms relating to licenses and registrations for public health activities regulated by the Health Protection Service. These include food businesses; boarding houses; cooling towers and warm water systems; drinking water; hairdressing; infection control; radiation safety and approval to supply needles and syringes.

Boarding House Licensing | Cooling Tower Registration | Community Pharmacies | Drinking Water Utility Licensing | Food Business Registration | Hairdresser Licensing | Infection Control Licensing | Medicines and Poisons | Needle and Syringe Program | Radiation Safety | Tobacco and smoke free | Transfer of Ownership

Boarding House Licensing

Download: Boarding House Licence Application Form (PDF File - 310k)
Boarding House Licence Variation Form (PDF File - 197k)

Drinking Water Utility Licensing

Download: Drinking Water Utility Licence Variation Form (PDF File - 187k)
Drinking Water Utility Licence Application Form (PDF File - 293k)

Food Business Registration

Needle and Syringe Program

Download: Approval to Supply Needles and Syringes Application Form (PDF File - 140k)

Tobacco and smoke free

From 1 January 2007, tobacco and smoke free regulatory functions moved from the Health Protection Service to the Office of Regulatory Services.

Transfer of Ownership

Application to transfer ownership of a licence or registration.