Current IYM Schools

Phase 2 of IYM in 2015 built on IYM ACT working with nine schools to develop innovative solutions to improve student health.

The following nine schools participated in Phase 2 of IYM.

  1. Alfred Deakin High School
  2. Amaroo School
  3. Belconnen High School
  4. Calwell High School
  5. Campbell High School
  6. Canberra High School
  7. Lanyon High School
  8. Melrose High School
  9. Mount Stromlo High School

Each school (represented by students and teachers) attended three innovation workshops led by Education Changemakers and developed a project to trial. Here is a summary of their original project proposals.

Campbell High enjoy their Street Hero' hats

Campbell High enjoy their "Street Hero" hats

A funky new dining space has made the Lanyon high canteen more successful.

A funky new dining space has made the Lanyon High canteen more successful

Watch some great videos about the projects at these schools.