Active play games and activities

Individual activity plans have been developed for parents and early childhood professionals to assist them to incorporate active play into their daily routines.

An Active Play DVD has been developed to illustrate a range of activity plans, please refer to the age group categories below to find out the footage available.

If you require instructions on how to perform a Fundamental Movement Skill, please navigate back to Fundamental Movement Skills.


Birth-7 months

Activity Activity Number
Tummy time 1
Creeping on tummy 2
Playing on their back 3
Rolling and pivoting on tummy  4
Supported sitting 5
Independent sitting 6
Download:  Birth - 7 months (Windows Video (wmv) - 8569k)


7-12 months

Activity Activity Number
Moving from floor to sit position 7
Sitting and reaching for toys 8
Sitting to crawl position 9
Crawling around obstacle course 10
Pulling to stand 11
Standing to play 12
Cruising circuit 13
Download:  7-12 months (Windows Video (wmv) - 8309k)


1-2 years

Activity Example Activity Number
Independent walking Carrying a large toy 14
Independent walking Pulling or pushing toys 14
Independent walking Climbing on low play equipment  14
Download:  1-2 years (Windows Video (wmv) - 6006k)


2-3 years

Activity Example Activity Number
Warm-up activity "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands"  15
Cool-down activity Using "Simon says" 16
Combined activity (climbing, coordination and balance skills) Obstacle course 17
Balancing activity Standing on one leg 18
Jumping activity Jack-in-the-box 19
Catching activity Catching balls 20
Throwing activity Target throwing 21
Kicking activity Kicking fun 22
Download:  2-3 years (Windows Video (wmv) - 12024k)


3-5 years

Activity Example Activity Number  
Warm-up activity "Heads and shoulders, knees and toes"  23  
Running and jumping activity Lily pad jumping 24  
Hopping activity Hopping fun 25  
Galloping activity Gallop go round 26  
Combined activities (jumping, balancing and climbing) Animal safari obstacle course 27  
  Obstacle course 28  
Balancing activity Walk the line 29  
  Musical statues 30  
Catching activity Baloon catching 31  
  Catchy rounders 32  
Kicking activity Kicking game 33  
  Soccer skittles 34  
Throwing activity Snow ball clean up 35  
Underarm rolling activity Tunnel balls 36  
  Skittles 37  
Striking a ball activity Batting a ball 38  
Cool-down activity Using an action song 39  
Download:  3-5 years (Windows Video (wmv) - 11714k)

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