Other considerations

  • It is better for children to eat whole vegetables or fruit rather than drinking fruit or vegetable juices. While juices may contain vitamins and minerals, they lack the fibre of whole vegetables and fruit, and are often high in sugar. It is recommended that children only drink diluted fruit or vegetable juice and limited quantities of it.
  • As with fruit juice, fruit bars and fruit straps/leather are also low in fibre and high in sugar. They are also bad for children's teeth and should be treated as a special occasion food only.
  • To reduce the risk of choking and/or indigestion, hard vegetables and fruit may be lightly cooked or grated. Other vegetables and fruit may be cut into small pieces.
  • Children should be encouraged to sit while they are eating. If eating raw vegetables and fruit, they should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Munch into veg and fruit everyday