About this project

The ACT Chief Health Officer’s Report 2016 shows that currently 42% of women aged 20 and under in the ACT report that they smoke during pregnancy.

The ‘Quit for You, Quit for Two’ and ‘If you smoke, your future’s not pretty’ campaigns are components of ACT Health’s Smoking in Pregnancy Project, which aims to:

  • prevent smoking uptake amongst all young women in the ACT
  • reduce smoking rates during pregnancy amongst young women aged 15 to 24, and also support their partners and families in quitting
  • reduce smoking rates during pregnancy for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, and also support their partners and families in quitting.

Other strategies being used include:

  • building the capacity of health services and organisations working with young pregnant women
  • providing free, medically-supervised Nicotine Replacement Therapy to young pregnant women, their partners and families where quit attempts using behavioural counselling alone have not been successful
  • delivering smoking care training to health professionals.

Fast facts: smoking in the ACT

  • Smoking is a major cause of preventable disease and death in the ACT.
  • In the ACT 42% of women aged under 20 reported that they smoked during pregnancy.
  • The figure is even higher for pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who were 6 times more likely to smoke during pregnancy (48%) than their non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander counterparts (8%).
  • Smoking while pregnant can harm your baby and cause serious problems during pregnancy. Quitting before you fall pregnant (or as soon as possible if you become pregnant) will have immediate benefits. Straight away you’re more likely to have a healthier baby and a trouble-free pregnancy.