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14 Sep 2018

ACT Health is advising Canberrans that another brand of strawberries – Donnybrook – have been affected by needle contamination.

14 Sep 2018

Canberrans who have purchased punnets of Donnybrook Berries, Delightful Strawberries, Oasis, Love Berry, Berry Licious and Berry Obsession brand strawberries should throw them out after several incidents of needles found in strawberries.

13 Sep 2018

ACT Health has received updated information this morning that punnets of fresh Berry Licious and Berry Obsession strawberries were supplied to ACT Woolworths stores but as of midday yesterday, these have been withdrawn from shelves.

12 Sep 2018

ACT Health is advising Canberrans who have purchased punnets of fresh Berry Liscious or Berry Obsession brand strawberries to throw them out, after needles were found in some berries in Queensland and Victoria.

07 Sep 2018

At the beginning of the 2018 pollen season, Canberrans are being reminded to speak to their GP about asthma and hay fever management.

31 Aug 2018

ACT Health is warning Canberrans to be aware of potentially dangerous weight-loss products being marketed to the fitness and bodybuilding communities.

30 Aug 2018

Acting ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerryn Coleman, is alerting the Canberra community to be aware of measles symptoms following confirmation of a case of measles by ACT Health.

24 Aug 2018

ACT Health is working with NSW to follow up on a confirmed measles case in an infant who was in Canberra for a few hours over lunchtime on Sunday 19 August 2018.


21 Aug 2018

ACT Health has started reforming its data systems and is on track to become a leader in best practice data management and reporting, with the release of the ACT Health System-wide Data Review today.

21 Aug 2018

ACT Health has been awarded National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards reaccreditation by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) for the next three years, the maximum allowable period.