Be food safe this festive season

Food safety should be on every good cook’s menu this festive season as around the ACT and region, meals are prepared for sharing with family and friends.

“Hot weather, cooking for large crowds and overloading fridges with foods not normally cooked all create conditions for potential food poisoning,” ACT Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly said.

Around 4.1 million cases of food-borne disease, including issues such as salmonella,  occur annually in Australia.

Dr Kelly said that there were some simple guidelines to follow to minimise risks in food safety this holiday season. These steps include:

  • Clean hands, utensils and chopping boards well and often, particularly between slicing vegetables, raw meats and fruits
  • Cook food properly
  • Separate foods which will be served cooked and uncooked
  • Chill cold foods to a proper temperature and serve hot foods steaming hot
  • Keep food out of the temperature danger zone between 5-60˚C where food poisoning organisms grow best
  • Prepare foods as close as possible to eating time
  • Don’t leave hot or cold nibbles out for too long
  • Store cooked food items on the upper shelves and raw foods on the lower shelves of cool-rooms/fridges

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Published date: 

Saturday, December 26, 2015