Live Lighter this holiday season

The festive season is often celebrated with an abundance of food and drink, but if taken to excess, this could have an adverse effect on our health.

This holiday season, ACT Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly is encouraging people to adopt a resolution to think more carefully about what they eat, for a long-term improved health outcome.

Dr Kelly’s views were supported by a visiting obesity expert from New York who encouraged non-dramatic behavioural shifts rather than wholesale lifestyle changes as the most sound response to the obesity epidemic affecting Western countries, including Australia.

Dr Terry Huang, Professor of Health at the City University in New York and with the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, recently visited Canberra on a speaking tour to highlight the need for preventative measures to reduce rates of overweight or obesity in children.

Dr Huang said that to address the obesity challenge making small changes to our everyday behaviour appeared to be most effective, including creating environments that encourage physical exercise in everyday life, and adjusting our food choices.

He also encourages making healthier food alternatives more readily available to better enable people to make healthy choices in the face of aggressive marketing of unhealthy choices.

His invaluable input will inform the next phase of the ACT Government’s LiveLighter® campaign in 2016.

The ACT Government is committed to supporting a healthy, active and productive community.

The Healthy Canberra Forum was recently held at the National Convention Centre to mark the two year anniversary of the launch of the ACT Government’s Towards Zero Growth: Healthy Weight Action Plan.

The Healthy Weight Action Plan is about creating environments where making healthy lifestyle choices is easier and has set the target of “zero growth” in the rates of overweight and obesity within the ACT. Almost two thirds of ACT adults are overweight and one in four is obese.

LiveLighter® is delivered by the Heart Foundation ACT, and is funded by the ACT Government through the ACT health promotion grants program.

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Published date: 

Friday, December 25, 2015