Removal of the fountain and plant box in the Canberra Hospital main foyer

The fountain and plant box in the middle of the Canberra Hospital main foyer is being removed to allow for the upgrade and replacement of the Building 2 main electrical switchboard.

Upgrading electrical services on the Canberra Hospital campus is central to ensuring an ongoing positive patient experience and delivery of clinical services.

The concrete fountain structure needs to be removed as it is located directly above the main electrical switchboard plant room, where the upgrade and replacement will occur.

To ensure the safety of staff and visitors, the area around the fountain will be fenced and sealed to reduce noise and dust. The fencing will be installed from Monday, 30 January 2017. Access to the Main Reception, café and retail spaces around the foyer will be maintained during the removal of the fountain. Patients and visitors will be able to walk around the main foyer.

The removal of the fountain structure also presents an opportunity for a potential refurbishment of the Canberra Hospital main foyer in the future.