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04 Nov 2015

A development application for the University of Canberra Public Hospital reference design has been approved and notified on the public register.

22 Oct 2015

The trial found that paracetamol used to treat fever did not reduce the amount of time patients spent in the Intensive Care Unit, nor did it improve any other relevant outcomes.

22 Oct 2015

These community partners will play an important role in helping to increase exercise and healthy eating for families and kids.

21 Oct 2015

The ACT Government will prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to children and place restrictions on their promotion.

20 Oct 2015

The University of Canberra Public Hospital Service Delivery and Care Summary has been released and will be available for public comment until 01 December 2015.

19 Oct 2015

The retreats take people away from their everyday lives for a weekend and are open to women of all ages, in all stages of recovery and are free to participants. 

13 Oct 2015
While we know the Healthy Weight Initiative has achieved great inroads so far, we still know that almost two thirds of ACT adults are overweight and one in four is obese.
08 Oct 2015

The property will provide a residential rehabilitation service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people - a therapeutic community where people can voluntarily choose to enter for personal growth and rehabilitation.

08 Oct 2015
ACT Health has established a leadership group of clinical staff within Canberra Hospital and Health Services to lead the necessary cultural transformation.
02 Oct 2015
Up to 500 more admissions per year will be available with the opening of six new beds to assist new mothers and their children at the QEII Family Centre in Curtin.