ACT'S Mental Health Act 2015

ACT’s Mental Health Act 2015

What is the ACT Mental Health Act 2015?

The ACT Mental Health Act 2015 refers to the law that applies to the assessment, treatment, care or support of people experiencing a mental illness or mental disorder. The Act is designed to maximise the involvement of people who experience a mental illness or mental disorder in their own treatment, care and support. In particular, it seeks to support people to make their own decisions. 

The Act came into effect from 1 March 2016 and replaced the previous Mental Health (Treatment & Care) Act 1994

The Act applies to all people in the ACT who experience a mental illness or mental disorder, as well as their family, carers and significant others. It also instructs professionals, such as mental health workers, ambulance and police officers, in terms of their requirements and responsibilities in providing care, treatment and support under the Act.