Customer information

At ACT Pathology, we recognise our clients have different needs.
Our Customer Liaison Team offers a personalised service and acts as a point of contact to discuss all service delivery issues.

Customer Liaison Team

Our liaison officers are happy to visit doctors and receptionists at their surgeries to provide service updates and to discuss a range of issues including:

Your ACT Pathology Customer Liaison Team comprises:

Julie Hegarty
Customer Service Manager
Ph: (02) 6244 2932
Mob: 0418 409 480

Patient billing information

ACT Pathology is a public laboratory that provides services to both public and private patients.

Under our "No-Gap" Billing Policy, we bill through Medicare, Veterans Affairs and the private health insurance funds so that patients do not have to pay a gap for their pathology testing.


We require a patient's Medicare number and signature in the assignment box on the request form to bulk-bill eligible outpatient services. Patients who do not complete the assignment box will be issued an account that must be presented to Medicare to receive a full refund.

Private Inpatients and Day Stay Patients

ACT Pathology has arranged simplified billing agreements with most health funds. We can send pathology accounts directly to the health fund if we are provided with the patient's Medicare number, health fund name and membership number on the request form.

If these details are not provided the patient will be issued an invoice. The patient must present this invoice to their health fund and Medicare to receive a refund.

Information for non-Eligible Patients

A person who does not hold a current Australian Medicare Card is classed as a non-eligible patient. ACT Pathology have to raise invoices for all services for non-eligible patients.

Pathology Service Fees: Where a Pathology service has been provided the fee will be 270% of Medicare Benefits Schedule per item.

Those clients with Overseas Insurance are responsible for any gap payment of fees that their fund may not cover. All patients are advised to discuss this with thier Health Fund prior to having the service performed.

Tests not performed by ACT Pathology

There are some specialised tests that are not performed by ACT Pathology. These tests are referred to accredited laboratories.

Billing is at the discretion of the referral laboratory. If they bill at Medicare scheduled rebate, this means that patients do not have to pay a gap. If we have received the patient's Medicare number and an assignment form we will pass this on to the reference laboratory for bulk-billing.

If the laboratory does not accept Medicare scheduled rebate, the patient is responsible for the account.

Where referred tests are not eligible for Medicare the reference laboratory will bill private inpatients and privately referred outpatients.

Services not eligible for Medicare

Tests or services that do not have a Medicare item number do not attract a Medicare rebate.

Report Delivery Options

ACT Pathology

ACT Pathology offers a number of reporting options to meet the individual needs of our clients.

This includes an extensive courier service that delivers printed reports to surgeries in and around Canberra.

Electronic Result Delivery

Clinical Information System (CIS)

The Clinical Information System (CIS) is only available to ACT Health employees who are treating patients. It is a secure means of clinicians working for ACT Health to assess results for their patients through a user friendly web browser. ACT Pathology provides authorised personnel with access to pathology results via CIS on the ACT Government Intranet.

To apply email:
or phone 6244 2826

Downloading to surgeries

For surgeries that have practice management software (eg. Medical Director, Medtech 32, Medical Spectrum, Intrahealth, Genie), ACT Pathology is able to provide direct and secure downloading of pathology results in PIT or HL7 formats for external clients . ACT Pathology provides this service for both PCs and Apple computers using healthlink software.

ACT Pathology uses HealthLink- a health information network that provides secure and encryted results to the doctor surgeries.

To apply online, go to:
HealthLink Service Application form
or phone Customer Services 6244 2932

Auto faxing

ACT Pathology has the ability to "autofax" results. This feature allows results to be automatically faxed to the requesting practitioner's surgery as they are authorised in the laboratory. Autofaxing can be used for specific tests (eg. INR) or for all results as an adjunct to hard copy reporting or to replace the laboratory-printed copies.

Hard Copy Result Delivery

Referring practitioners may choose to receive standard A4 reports or a modified A4 report that has a perforation so reports can be reduced to A5 size. Reporting features include:

  • Highlighting of abnormal results in bold;
  • Cumulative reporting of up to five patient episodes; and
  • Provision of intelligent personalised comments using a Laboratory intelligent Decision Support (LiDS) program called LabWizard to assist requesting doctors and improve patient health outcomes.

Services not eligible for Medicare

Tests or services that do not have a Medicare item number do not attract a Medicare rebate. The full cost of this testing must therefore be covered by the patient.

If this testing is performed in the ACT Pathology laboratory the patient will be issued an invoice from ACT Pathology to recover the cost of this testing.

If specimens have been referred by ACT Pathology to other laboratories for testing the patient will be issued an invoice directly from the referral laboratory.

Patient Billing information

The following tables list a number of test that are known not to attract Medicare benefits. An approximate cost is indicated, however some costs may vary according to the complexity of testing.

(Please note this is not a comprehensive list.)

Patient Billing tables

Tests performed at ACT Pathology

Test Approximate cost
DNA extraction and storage $ 95.50
FISH (Cytogenetics) $302.00
IgH & TCR Gene rearrangements $300.00
THINPREP PAP test $ 35.00

Tests referred to other laboratories

Test Approximate cost
7-Dehydrocholesterol $130
Acylcarnitine (see carnitine)  
Adenosine Deaminase (pleural fluid) $63.25
Aldolase $25
Alkylphosphates (relating to occupational exposure) Note:Same cost if cholinesterase also done $165
Alpha Thalassaemia $300 (std screen) - $1950 (full sequence)
Amino acids (blood) $200
Amino acids (CSF) $200
Amino acids (urine) $200
Angelman syndrome (see DNA Methylation Studies)  
Arsenic (relating to occupational exposure) $132
BCL-2 translocation $108
BCR-ABL translocation $250
Bile Acids $20
Bromide (relating to occupational exposure) $165
Cadmium (relating to occupational exposure) $132
Carnitine (includes acylcarnitine) $130
Cholinesterase (relating to occupational exposure) Note:Same cost if alkylphosphates also done $165
Chromium (relating to occupational exposure) $132
Copper (relating to occupational exposure) $132
Cystic fibrosis $80 for 1 mutation $200 for 33
Cytokine Interleukin 6 $100
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) $28.23
DNA Methylation Studies (relating to Angelman syndrome) $330
Duchenne's musculatory dystrophy gene studies $65 Males deletion screen
  $375 Female carrier screen
  $500 Prenatal testing
Endosulphins (relating to occupational exposure) $220
Epitestosterone/testosterone ratio $200
EPO (Erythropoietin) $30
Fatty acid (very long chain) $130
Fluoride (relating to occupational exposure) $165
Furoic acid (relating to occupational exposure) $275
Glycine on CSF screen $155
Glycophosphate (relating to occupational exposure) $165
Herbicide screen (relating to occupational exposure) $165
Hippuric acid/toluric acids (relating to occupational exposure) $165
Hydroxypyrene (relating to occupational exposure) $220
Inhibin $30
Jap2 Kinase Mutation $37.10
JC (Polyoma) virus $60
Lead (relating to occupational exposure) $132 for inorganic lead & $165 for organic lead
Lipoprotein A $22
Mandelic acid (relating to occupational exposure) $165
MCPA (relating to occupational exposure) $165
Measles PCR $90
Mercury (relating to occupational exposure) $132
Metabolic Screen (see Amino Acids)  
Methylmalonic acid $146
MOCA (relating to occupational exposure) $165
MTHFR Gene Mutation $70
Muconic & phenyl mercapturic acids $220
Mucopolysaccharides - urine screen $198
Mucopolysaccharides - urine electrophoresis $140
Myotonic dystrophy gene $265 PCR only $295 PCR & Southern blot
Organic acids (relating to occupational exposure) $198
Organochlorine screen (blood- relating to occupational exposure) $275
Parvovirus PCR $80
PCBs (relating to occupational exposure) $220
Phenylalanine (See amino acids blood)  
Platelet crossmatch $100
PTH-related protein $75
Reverse Tri-Iodothyronine (Reverse T3) $37.15
SOD-1 $100
Solvent screen (relating to occupational exposure) $165
Teicoplanin $45
Thiocyanate (relating to occupational exposure) $275
Transferrin isoforms $120
Trichloroacetic acid (relating to occupational exposure) $165
Tryptase $55
Urine metabolic profile $200
Vitamin K $30.20
Y Deletion Screen $132