Discharge from hospital

Discharge planning for when you leave the hospital, is an important part of our patient management and commences on admission.

The hospital aims to identify an expected discharge date as early as possible in your stay.

We prepare you for discharge and arrange any necessary community support before you go home.

To ensure your hospital discharge proceeds smoothly:

  • Arrange transport home prior to discharge
  • If you need a medical certificate, make sure you request it well before discharge
  • If you need continuing medication, you will be given three days supply from the Hospital pharmacy. You will need to make an appointment as soon as possible with your general practitioner to ensure the continuation of your medication supply. Please ask for your discharge medications prior to discharge time.
  • Ensure you receive a copy of the 'discharge referral forms' for your GP when you next visit them
  • Remember to ask for your private x-rays
  • Sign the discharge form as you leave the ward
  • Pay your accounts at the Payments Office

Discharge lounge

Discharge time is 10am for all patients who have stayed in hospital for longer than one day. The discharge lounge caters to people ready for discharge but awaiting medication. The discharge lounge is located near the Hospital's main entrance, which facilitates the collection of discharged patients. It operates Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays from 9.30am to 6.00pm and is staffed by a Registered Nurse.

The lounge is one of a suite of measures adopted by the Hospital to facilitate the discharge process and improve patient flows. Discharge lounge staff provide the highest level of service to clients during the discharge phase of care.

The discharge lounge caters to people ready for discharge but awaiting medication, those requiring a discharge letter for a specialist appointment or allied health consultation, and patients awaiting collection by a relative or friend.

The discharge lounge provides a central pick-up area for relatives and transport services. By coordinating the final stages of inpatient discharge, the lounge makes beds available for new patients requiring admission earlier in the day.

If a patient has to wait for medication or correspondence for a doctor they can do so in the lounge. The lounge is furnished with recliner chairs, television, reading material, light refreshments, toilet facilities, an information board and a curtained area for consultation.

The lounge is not just a 'waiting room' for patients. A registered nurse staffs the facility, and a Red Cross volunteer provides patients with refreshments while they wait. The lounge is a great step forward for patients being discharged and new patients seeking admission.

Working together to improve hospital discharge

A Community Liaison Nurse is assigned to each ward and is available to visit you to provide advice and information on a range of issues affecting your discharge from hospital and ongoing support in the community.

Other Community Health services

Other Community Health services available to assist you include; wound care, stoma care, continence advice, care for the dying, post-chemotherapy support and assessment and health surveillance.

Follow-up services can be arranged when you go home, such as comprehensive and aged care assessments, counselling, nutrition, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and other specialised services.

If you live interstate, a referral is made to community services in your region. Please notify the nursing staff on the ward if you would like to meet with a Community Liaison Nurse to discuss your discharge.