Medications required by patients in the hospital will be prescribed by the doctor and provided by the Hospital's Pharmacy Department.

The pharmacist aims to optimise the use of drugs by providing advice and information to medical and nursing staff and to patients through counselling on the use of their medication. Counselling may be provided during your stay or upon discharge.

Your medication

Although you are not required to bring your own medications to the Hospital to be taken while in hospital, it is helpful to bring in your current medications, or a list detailing their strength and dosage. This will help the doctor write up your current therapy accurately.

There are clinical pharmacists working on each ward to ensure that your medications are supplied. The nursing or medical staff will administer these.

On discharge, enough medication to last for three days will be dispensed for you to take home if needed.

There is no charge for medications while you are an inpatient or upon discharge. Please read the Discharge from hospital webpage, for information on how to ensure your medications are available for you when you leave the hospital.

Main Pharmacy Dispensary

The main pharmacy is located on Level 2 of Building 1 of Canberra Hospital.

The opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 4.30pm with Emergency Service being 4.30-7pm Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4.30pm

Function: Supply of medication for hospital patients.

Phone: (02) 6244 2121

Fax: 6244 4624


The Oncology Pharmacy

The oncology pharmacy is located on level 3 of Building 19, of the Cancer Region Cancer Centre

The opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 9.00am – 4.30pm

Function: Supply of Cytotoxic chemotherapy to oncology outpatients and inpatients.

Phone: (02) 6244 2221


Pharmacy Administration and support services

Function: Secretary / Enquiries

Phone: (02) 6244 2121

Fax: 6244 4624


Terry White Chemmart Garran Pharmacy

Located in the Main Foyer of the Canberra Hospital for your convenience. Terry White Chemmart Garran provides all of your general pharmaceutical needs.

Terry White specialises in Diabetes Medication Reviews, properly fitting medical compression stockings and garments, administering whooping cough and flu vaccinations, and are a National Diabetes Services Scheme provider.

Terry White Chemmart can order in specific medication for you, in consultation with your specialist that may be difficult to obtain at other community pharmacies.

Prescriptions can also be left on file at the pharmacy for your convenience.

Their dedicated team is also able to conduct myDNA genetic tests, which can help determine how your body will respond to some medications and what you eat and drink.

The opening hours are: Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm Saturday 9am- 5pm Sunday 10am-6pm. 

Phone: (02) 6281 4831

Fax: (02) 6108 3568