Cancer resource room

The Canberra Region Cancer Centre (CRCC) contains an extensive collection of educational material available to patients, their family and carers in the Resource Centre on Level 2.

These resources, including computer access, are available to provide you with reliable information about your illness or to help you find appropriate support services to assist you throughout your journey.

Good sources of information online include:

Primary sources

Principal Organisations

Wellbeing Organisations


Grief Specialists

International Sites

Cancer Research Sites

Note: The internet has many useful resources, although not all websites are reliable. The websites listed are good sources of information. Information and ideas obtained from websites can be discussed with your health care provider to determine how these may apply to individual circumstances.


The volunteers at CRCC work side-by-side with staff to deliver care to our patients and their families. There are a number of volunteer programs offered within the Centre with plans to expand the program in the future.

Existing programs include assisting patients and visitors to find their way throughout the Centre, hand and foot massage, and a meal service offered to patients undergoing treatment.

Further programs include:

  • Introduction of 'familiarisation tours' for new patients and carers to orientate particpants with parking, building access and relevant areas, in advance of their appointments.
  • Establishment of Hospitality and Activity trolleys to be managed by volunteers and available to patients during treatment.
  • Massage and other complimentary therapies.
  • Patient and carer support for inpatients.
  • Support for Radiation Oncology patients and carers.
  • Development of Resource Room (information and support groups).

For further information on becoming a member of the Canberra Region Cancer Centre volunteer team, contact the Centre on (02) 6174 8444 and ask to speak with the CRCC Volunteer Coordinator.

All ACT Health facilities are completely smoke free. All patients, visitors and staff are required to remain smoke free when visiting any ACT Health facility. Security officers will enforce the smoke free environment. Support is available to help smokers to stay smoke free during their visit to ACT Health facilities. For more information on quitting speak to your GP or Pharmacist.