CDM Management and Research

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) is a multidisciplinary team within the Division of Medicine of Canberra Hospital and Health Services (CHHS). The focus of CDM is on improving the management of patients with chronic disease, particularly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic heart failure (CHF), Parkinson’s disease and obesity. The unit also operates the Chronic Disease Management Register and undertakes clinical audits, continuous quality improvement, research evaluations and management consulting.

CDM comprises the Chronic Disease Management Unit (CDMU), which has offices at 123 Carruthers St Curtin, the Obesity Management Service (OMS) at the Belconnen Health Centre, and the Chronic Care Program (CCP) in building 23 at the Canberra Hospital (TCH). We work in close collaboration with other clinical units which participate in the Chronic Disease Management Clinical Network (CDMCN), as well as the ANU Centre for Health Stewardship and a number of community based organisations.

The diagram below illustrates the current Chronic Disease Management organisational structure as of 30 October 2015



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