Chronic Disease Management Clinical Network

The Chronic Disease Management Clinical Network is a network of ACT Health services focussed on improving chronic disease management.

The Network meets monthly, facilitated by the Chronic Disease Management Unit.

Roles of the Clinical Network

There are a variety of roles of the Chronic Disease Management Clinical Network including:

  • Improving chronic disease management through better coordination and preventive measures
  • Discussing the care of patients of the services in the network including new and discharged patients and patients with complex needs
  • Coordinating patient care between operating units

Units Involved in the Clinical Network

ACT Health has invested in creating many small operating units focused on improving the management and coordination of care for people with chronic diseases. These units include:

  • Chronic Care Program
  • Heart Failure Clinic
  • Renal CNC
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Service
  • Transitional Therapy and Care Program
  • Diabetes Periodic Review
  • Complex Care Coordinators of the Continuing Care Program
  • Patient Self Management Program

Contact Us

For more information on the Chronic Disease Management Clinical Network, please contact us.