Chronic Disease Management Research

Chronic Disease Research

Research underlies all the work we do at the Chronic Disease Management Unit.

The unit works in strong collaboration with the Centre for Health Stewardship at the Australian National University (ANU) and is currently conducting research on Home Monitoring of Chronic Disease in collaboration with the CSIRO.

Home Monitoring of Chronic Disease Study

The Department of Health and Ageing and the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy have awarded research funds to the CSIRO to undertake, in collaboration with a number of partners, a research project on the Home Monitoring of Chronic Disease across six different locations within Australia. CDMU was chosen by the CSIRO to be a partner institution for this trial.

The study will use telemonitoring to demonstrate how telehealth services for the management of chronic disease in the community can be deployed at a national scale through the use of the National Broadband Network. It will also develop new ways of detecting changes in the health status of patients being monitored, so that their care team can be advised to take prompt and effective action to avoid unnecessary hospitalisation.

Research Groups

Research Groups we work with include the:

Masters of Public Health

Paul Dugdale is the Director of Chronic Disease Management in the Canberra Hospital's Department of Medicine. He also convenes the Masters of Public Health course through the ANU College of Medicine Biology & Environment. This course provides an introduction to health care systems, clinical governance and policy analysis.

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