Adult Mental Health Services

Mental Health Assessment Unit (MHAU)

Provides a safe environment for specialised mental health assessment, crisis stabilisation and treatment for all people presenting with an acute mental illness or disorder.  People who are assessed as not requiring admission are referred to appropriate services in the community.

  • Ph: 6244 2222 - Canberra Hospital

Adult Mental Health Unit (AMHU)

An acute inpatient unit which provides voluntary and involuntary psychiatric care and treatment for people with a mental health illness who require hospitalisation.  

  • Ph:  (02) 6174 5454 - Canberra Hospital, Building 25

Welcome to the AMHU (June 2016)

Adult Community Teams

Are multidisciplinary and provide mental health assessment, treatment, clinical management, crisis management, family support and referral pathways for people with mental health issues.  The teams operate during business hours and referrals are received from a range of sources, including individuals, their families, GP’s or community organisations.

Belconnen Mental Health Team at the Belconnen Community Health Centre

  • Ph: 6205 1110

City Mental Health Team at 1 Moore Street, level 2, Canberra City 

  • Ph: 6205 1338

Tuggeranong Mental Health at Tuggeranong Community Health Centre

  • Ph: 6205 2777

Woden Mental Health Team at Phillip Health Centre

  • Ph: 6205 1488

CoPMI (Children of Parents with a Mental Illness)

The CoPMI initiative works in partnership with adult mental health clinicians in supporting families to better manage the affects of mental illness on their family unit.  Referrals are made through the mental health clinicians.

  • Ph: 6205 1110

Adult Step up Step Down (ASUSD) Program

This Program provides support to both non-residential and residential programs for people with a mental health illness and aims to prevent relapse and assist in the recovery from an acute episode of mental illness.  People  ‘step up’ from the community  into  a highly supportive environment to prevent further illness and “step down” from the hospital setting to provide a more graduated return to their home.  It is managed in partnership with the Mental illness Fellowship (residential) and Woden Community Services (TRec).  Referrals are made by a mental health clinical manager.

  • Ph:  6245 6400