Let's Talk - Send a Message of Hope

Throughout September 2016, Canberrans are invited to submit a message of hope, encouragement or support for suicide prevention in our community.  These messages will go into a draw for your chance to receive one of five free double passes to Hoyts cinemas, and will be posted on ACT Health’s Facebook account.

Your message could be a short wish for wellbeing, or some supportive words for individuals who are at risk of suicide or have lost someone to suicide.  We ask that messages are no longer than 150 words and they do not include personal details such as names, addresses, medical history or other private details.  All messages will be reviewed for appropriateness and the hashtag #LetsTalkCBR will automatically be attributed on each.

During the month of September five messages will be selected to receive a free double pass to Hoyts cinemas, which must be redeemed within 6 months. The five selected recipients will be contacted on the details they provide below, and the double pass can be collected in person at 11 Moore Street Civic or mailed to the recipients address.

Be kind, you never know if someone is silently suffering. For those who are suffering remember that the ACT has many great support services available and Lifeline is a phone call away. - Christine

Tell the people you care about, that you do care. They may not know, and it may save their life. Taking five minutes out of your life, could add fifty years to theirs.
- Jewel

Even on those days when you feel life is not worth living, remember that you are a collection of cells and energy, and you are here for a purpose. It may be challenging to realise what your purpose is, but give yourself the gift of discovering it.
- Dunja

This won't last, this can stop. You CAN conquer these feelings. Talk to someone and reach out.
- Lianne

Imagine a year from now when you could be thinking 'I can't believe I was going to end my life before I got to visit Machu Picchu, learn to cook like I grew up in Mexico, bungee jump, see the Aurora Australis, land my dream job, get in the best shape of my life, make the news for a good deed, extend my house with my bare hands and dance with the love of my life on a mountain top with a sunset backdrop.
- Ellen

By opening myself up and having that difficult discussion I am still here and now nobody can stop me moving forward. We are all worthy...no matter what the cause, no matter what has happened. Go have your difficult discussion and live life happy.
- Rob

I am encouraged by the help I have received when in a dark place. It is worth reaching out as things change, get better.
- Samantha

Life is short, life is messy, life is unpredictable. Be a boat in this sea of life rise and fall with the waves life throws at you.
- Nell

As a Father, Brother, Son, Husband, Mate, Friend or Stranger, I'm here for you if you need someone! If I'm the only one you can turn to, I will be there for you!
- Vic

Don't lose hope. Tomorrow is a new day, a new start, and you never know what tomorrow will bring.
- Ben

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