Oxygen and Equipment Services

Oxygen and Equipment Services provides the following services to the ACT community from the Village Creek Centre:

  1. ACT Equipment Scheme (ACTES) including ACT Continence Scheme
  2. ACT Domiciliary Oxygen and Respiratory Support Scheme (DORSS)
  3. Equipment Loan Service (ELS)

Referrals and bookings

ACT Equipment Scheme

ACT Equipment Scheme (ACTES) can assist eligible clients in the ACT who have a long term disability to live and participate in the community with the provision of appropriately prescribed equipment, aids and appliances by a qualified prescriber.

Domiciliary Oxygen and Respiratory Support Scheme

Domiciliary Oxygen and Respiratory Support Scheme (DORSS) provides the supply of oxygen and respiratory equipment to eligible clients in the ACT community who are referred appropriately by their Specialist and meet the medical criteria.

Equipment Loan Service

Equipment Loan Service (ELS) provide a range of assistive equipment which is available on a short term loan of three (3) months.  The service is accessible to appropriately referred and eligible clients in the ACT community.  This service is available seven (7) days a week and some items of equipment can be home delivered if required.

Eligibility Criteria


  • ACT resident in receipt of a current Centrelink Pension Card or Health Care Card, not including Senior Health Care Card or Mobility Allowance and meet the medical criteria referred by a Medical Practitioner and Primary Therapist.
  • Be ineligible to receive equivalent assistance from other government funded schemes, such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

DORSS - Oxygen

  • ACT resident with a condition that meets the criteria of DORSS, who have been referred by an approved specialist.

DORSS - Respiratory Support

  • ACT resident receiving a Centrelink payment not including Senior Health Care card or Mobility Allowance that meet the medical criteria referred by an approved Specialist.


  • Clients in the ACT community or on hospital discharge, for trial and general rehabilitation services referred by an approved Health Professional

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Village Creek Reception: (02) 6207 0658

By mail at:

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The Oxygen and Equipment Services are located at:

Village Creek Centre

37 Kingsmill Street


Business Hours

8.30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, 11am - 12pm, Saturday to Sunday