Speech Pathology Services

Speech Pathologists work with people who have difficulty with:

  • Communication           
  • Swallowing                   

The service at Canberra Hospital helps those who have communication or swallowing difficulty after injury to the brain

Contact us

Phone (02) 6244 2230  to speak to a speech pathologist or (02) 6207 9977 to make a referral


Building 15, Canberra Hospital

Service Location Information

All ACT Health facilities are completely smoke free. All patients, visitors and staff are required to remain smoke free when visiting any ACT Health facility. Security officers will enforce the smoke free environment. Support is available to help smokers to stay smoke free during their visit to ACT Health facilities. For more information on quitting speak to your GP or Pharmacist.

Opening hours

Open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Phone (02) 6244 2230  to speak to a speech pathologist or (02) 6207 9977 to make a referral

Referrals and bookings

To access these specialised services you will need a referral from you General Practitioner (GP) or other doctor.

Certain eligibility requirements exist in accessing available clinics. These requirements can be obtained through contacting the clinics directly.

Contact us

Community Health Intake (CHI) - Tel: (02) 6207 9977 or Fax (02) 6205 2611


Speech Pathology Australia website: