Urological surgery

The Canberra Hospital provides a range of specialist outpatient services within the Outpatient Corridor Building 1, Level 2.

Urology covers the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and reproductive organs. Trans-rectal ultrasound and biopsy, urodynamics, bladder training and other diagnostic facilities are available.

Generally, access to these services is through:

  • Referral by your GP or Specialist;
  • Referral from the Canberra Hospital Emergency Department;
  • Referral from Canberra Hospital wards after an admission.

Depending on which clinical specialty you attend, you may be seen by one or more health professionals including doctors, nurses and/or allied health staff. The Canberra Hospital is a tertiary teaching hospital and therefore students of the above professions may be in attendance during your appointment.


Outpatient Clinic: (02) 624 42415