Have a breastfeeding policy
This policy means that you can expect staff will promote breastfeeding and support you as you learn.


All staff receive breastfeeding training
The training means that staff provide the most up to date information, advice and support.

1375165416_r0.gif Breastfeeding education during pregnancy is offered
Learning how and why to breastfeed during your pregnancy gives you the best chance of success.

‘Skin to skin’ contact immediately after birth is promoted
Staff will place your naked baby on your chest after birth to encourage instinctive breastfeeding behaviours from your baby.


We will support you to breastfeed
Staff will show you how to start and continue breastfeeding your baby before birth, after birth and as your baby grows and routines change.


Breast milk is all babies need
Breast milk is the only food your baby needs, so water and other liquids will not be offered. Formula is discouraged unless recommended for specific health reasons. Introducing food or other milk to your baby may affect your ability to breastfeed.

801657139_r0.gif Keep mothers and babies together
You will be encouraged to ‘room in’ with your baby and stay with them 24 hours a day because this in known to be the best way for you to get to know your baby and build your confidence as a parent.
-320202760_r0.gif Baby-led breastfeeding
You will be encouraged to feed your baby when they are hungry and learn to follow their cues.

No teats or dummies for breastfeeding babies
You will find a dummy won’t be offered or available for your baby because this can affect your baby’s ability to establish breastfeeding.

-1276010778_r0.gif Breastfeeding support following discharge
There are a range of services who can support you to continue breastfeeding once you go home. You will be given information on where to join groups, such as the ACT New Parent’s Groups, or ABA New Parent and Support Groups.