The Early Days

The early days after birth

Breastfeeding is a learned skill. You may find it takes time, practise and patience to get the hang of it, feel comfortable and get into a routine.

In the early days, try to allow time for yourself to rest and recover after the birth.

Breast milk – at the beginning

Teaspoon of colostrum

After the birth, your body will produce a type of breast milk, called colostrum (the first milk). Colostrum:

  • Is a highly nutritious concentrated form of breast milk.
  • Contains antibodies to protect your baby against disease.
  • Is yellowish in colour and the consistency of liquid honey.

It is normal to produce only a few mls (millilitres) of colostrum.

A teaspoon is around 5mls.

Colostrum provides all the nutrition your baby needs for the first few days until your milk ‘comes in’. This usually occurs around 3 to 4 days after birth. When this happens, your breasts may feel fuller, firmer and heavier.