Later Pregnancy Education

Five evening sessions on various week days and times.

Please contact Booking and Scheduling on (02) 6174 7625 to book your Childbirth Education Classes.

Pregnancy to Parenting Series

Sessions designed to help prepare first time parents for childbirth and parenting.

You may choose to attend one of the following:

1. Pregnancy to Parenting Series: five evening sessions on various weekdays and times. Mondays 3 - 5pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 7 - 9pm

Session 1 & 2 involve discussion on late pregnancy, labour, support and self care related issues (includes a tour of maternity unit).

Session 3 is conducted by a physiotherapist and includes positions for labour, massage, pelvic floor care and relaxation.

Session 4 & 5 cover breastfeeding, baby care and self care and support in the early postnatal period.

This series is also offered as, and includes a tour of the Maternity Unit.

2. An All Day workshop held once a month

3. Two consecutive Saturdays monthly

Breastfeeding Session

Monthly on Mondays at Tuggeranong Child and Family Centre and Friday afternoon sessions held in various community sessions 2pm-4pm.

An afternoon session with a lactation consultant discussing breastfeeding and the needs of the newborn. This session is highly recommended for women attending the Pregnancy to Parenting Series and anyone planning to breastfeed.

One on One sessions for previous breastfeeding issues are also available on campus.

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For bookings and information please phone (02) 6174 7625