Community Paediatric and Child Health Service

The Community Paediatric and Child Health Service (CP&CHS) provides investigation and/or management of children and young people with:

  • Suspected or established developmental delay or disability
  • Suspected biological / medical / developmental causes of behavioural / emotional disturbance

Eligibility criteria

Children and young people:

  • under 16 years
  • with suspected or established developmental delay or disability
  • with intellectual or physical disability or with chronic medical conditions which interfere with development or education
  • at risk of developmental problems as a result of prematurity, neonatal complications or with complex problems requiring definition and development of a management plan
  • with behavioural or emotional disturbances likely caused by biological, medical, or developmental issues.

Referral Process

Child Health Medical Officers (CHMO) accept referrals from other professionals who work with children. Community Paediatricians only accept referrals from doctors i.e. GP, Medical Specialist or CHMO:

  • Complete the referral form and supporting additional information (e.g. reports) and fax these to the Community Health Intake (CHI) on: (02) 6205 2611 (operating hours between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 3:30pm Wednesdays).
  • Referrals are considered by the Community Paediatric and Child Health Service (CPCHS) team at a weekly intake meeting. Priority is given to younger children and children with complex developmental needs.
  • The referrer and / or client will be advised of the outcome of referral as soon as possible.

The CP&CHS Intake Team are available to discuss eligibility on (02) 6205 1464.

The service is unable to accept referrals for:

  • children currently seeing another paediatrician
  • children with issues resulting from trauma
  • children with acute medical problems unrelated to development or behaviour.

Locations of Service

  • Gungahlin Child & Family Centre, 51 Ernest Cavanagh St, Gungahlin
  • Child Development Service, cnr Weingarth Street and Blackwood Terrace, Holder

If eligible, you will be notified by letter where your child's appointment will take place.

Contact us

For further information please contact:

  • Community Health Intake (CHI) on (02) 6207 9977 between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 3:30pm Wednesdays (excluding public holidays) for appointments and locations.
  • The CP&CHS Intake Team are available to discuss eligibility on (02) 6205 1464.