IMPACT Program

The IMPACT Program is a coordination service for pregnant women, their partners and their young children (less than two years of age) who are clients of Mental Health ACT and/or are receiving opioid replacement therapy and require assistance to manage their involvement with multiple services.

The service can be accessed toll free by phone on 1800 211 274 from 9am to 4.30pm weekdays.


Referrals can be made by any professional.


IMPACT coordination is provided free of charge to Medicare and Asylum Seeker cardholders.

Our location

The service is located at Canberra Hospital with limited outreach visiting.

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IMPACT guidelines

Parent information

Fact sheet for professionals

IMPACT glossary

Evaluation of the IMPACT Program Sept 2009

Professionals please complete these forms


Complete the Consent, Referral and Assessment Form with the signed consent of the client and fax it to the IMPACT Program Coordinator on (02) 6244 3770.

IMPACT consent referral and assessment form

IMPACT Meeting Reports (Key workers or service providers only)

Complete the Conference / Family Meeting Report to document the achievements and make future recommendations for the IMPACT Plan. Key workers fax a copy to the IMPACT Program coordinator on (02) 6244 3770.

IMPACT conference family meeting report

When you're unable to attend a meeting, complete a Multi-agency / Conference / Family Meeting Report to give information about a client relevant to the Multi-agency, Conference or Family Meeting. Fax the information for the Multi-agency Meeting to the IMPACT Program coordinator on (02) 6244 3770 or the information for the Conference / Family Meeting to the key worker prior to the day of the meeting.

IMPACT Submission to Multi Agency Conference or Family Meeting


This plan tracks the allocated tasks and their achievement against the client's goals over time. Individual IMPACT Plans may be used when the client's plan has changed or has been reviewed and a Conference / Family Meeting has not taken place.


Transition / Exit Plan

Key workers should complete the Transition / Exit Plan after the transition or exit Conference / Family Meeting occurs and fax it to the IMPACT Program Coordinator on (02) 6244 3770 for presentation at the Multi-agency Meeting. This plan documents the strategies in place to enable the client to make a smooth transition or exit from the IMPACT Program.

IMPACT transition exit plan