Antenatal Visits - 20 to 28 weeks


Ultrasound image of babyYour next pregnancy visit will be at around 20 weeks.

This may be with your midwife, hospital doctor, obstetrician or at a midwives clinic.

All of your pregnancy tests will be reviewed and any questions you may have answered.

You will see your health care professional again at around 26 weeks. A glucose load blood test will be offered to all women to check for gestational diabetes. Another full blood count and antibody screen is recommended if you have a Rhesus (Rh) negative blood group.

At 28 weeks women with a Rh negative blood group will be offered an injection of Rh (D) immunoglobulin to reduce the chance of their baby developing Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn caused by Rh (D) antibodies. Your health care professional can explain this to you in more detail and provide you with written information.

You will need to make an appointment for this injection.